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Os maiores mitos sobre o que é ser empreendedor

6 Myths about what is an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is often associated with wealth and financial success, but the reality doesn’t always match up to this idealized image. Many people believe that having your own business is synonymous with swimming in money, but the truth is that entrepreneurship is a complex journey, full of challenges and hard work. In this article, we’ll debunk […]
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Conheça os indicadores de produtividade

Productivity Metrics: Measuring and Optimizing Performance

In an increasingly competitive business environment, measuring and optimizing productivity has become essential to achieving efficiency and operational excellence. Productivity metrics, also known as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), are fundamental tools that allow organizations to evaluate the relationship between the resources invested and the results obtained. They provide a clear view of the performance of […]
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como ser um bom gestor de projetos

7 Attitudes a Project Manager Should Avoid

We are currently witnessing a remarkable evolution in the automation of business processes and operations. With this progress, numerous project management platforms have emerged, such as Asana, which promise to simplify and improve daily activities. However, there is one crucial element that technology will never replace: the human factor. The role played by a project […]
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Gestão de equipas de freelancers

Learn to Manage Your Freelance Team in 2024

Managing a team of freelancers can be a unique challenge in any project. Sometimes this type of management can be even more complex than dealing with internal employees, especially due to the lack of face-to-face contact and the distant nature of the working relationship. This article will cover effective strategies for managing freelancers and guaranteeing […]
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Conheça as melhores extensões do chrome para profissionais

10 Best Chrome Extensions to Boost Your Work Productivity

In an increasingly digital and competitive world, productivity has become the key to professional success. With the growing demand for efficiency and quick results, finding tools to help organize and increase productivity has become a priority for many professionals. In this context, Google Chrome extensions have emerged as powerful allies, offering features that make it […]
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como fazer um brainstorm online

Effective Strategies for Online Brainstorming with Asana

Brainstorming is an essential practice for generating ideas and innovative solutions in any work environment. However, with the growth of remote and hybrid workplaces comes the challenge of brainstorming online in an effective and collaborative way. In this article, we’ll explore how Asana, a task management platform, can be a powerful tool for managing and […]
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Top 7 Tendências de Gestão de Projetos para 2024

Top 7 Project Management Trends for 2024

The digital revolution of recent years has gradually transformed the approach of organizations (and managers) to project management. In this challenging context, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) emerges as a powerful catalyst, redefining the boundaries and possibilities of contemporary project management. As companies seek to improve efficiency, optimize resources, and anticipate challenges, Artificial Intelligence […]
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CFO e ferramentas fundamentais

5 features a CFO should have on their dashboard

The role of the CFO(Chief Financial Officer) is more crucial than ever, given the key role in making strategic decisions that affect an organization’s financial health and growth. In order to perform this function with excellence, CFOs need tools to provide them with accurate and up-to-date information in an efficient manner. It’s at that point […]
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